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Amdus Vidyapeeth (AV) was legally established under the guidance of jurist, eminent educationists and social workers for the development of education in wide areas. Government of Maharashtra, registered the Vidyapeeth for propagation and development of distance education on the pattern of Open continuing & Distance Education System TheAmdus Vidyapeeth, under Government of India, is Legal Autonomous and non profit Institution and has legal right of teaching & training under the provision of constitution. Copies of Bylaws, prospectus, etc.

are sent to the various Authorities and Departments of the Government of India/State Governments and Union Territories by the Vidyapeeth from time to time. The area of operation of the Vidyapeeth is wide and extensive all over India. Information centres of examination are situated in almost all-major cities of India where semester/annual examinations are normally organized every year Vidyapeeth is planning to open study examination centres for foreigners and non-resident Indians in various parts of the world.

Aims of Vidyapeeth

This also imparts education to down trodden & backwards at concessional fee. Vidyapeeth also fulfils the aims of vocational & educational right of Indian constitution 1950 under Article 14, 15, 19(1), 21, 26, 29, 30, 45, 46 & 351.

The University has been established with a commitment to bring higher education to rural India and to provide object-oriented education, keeping in view, the emerging industrial and business opportunities globally. The University is seeking strategic alliances and academic collaboration with foreign Universities for providing further opportunities to acquire nationally and internationally recognized degrees in India, coupled with well-paid job offers.

Main Objectives

Amdus Vidyapeeth is a non-commercial voluntary social educational institution with the aims of expansion and promotion of education, publication of scare, unique and newly written literature, pay honour and due promotion to the educationists. These may be enumerated as below:

  • To Democratise higher education by providing it to the students at their door step.
  • To provide higher education to one and all, irrespective of age/sex/caste/ territory.
  • To provide job-oriented and professional education.
  • To promote and popularise education under Open & Distance Education system on the pattern of other countries.
  • The option to select choice subjects and imbibe more education at lesser cost.

Ours, is an autonomous body and we do our best to make success the programmes to unemployed / employed and untrained educated girls & boys. All the courses mentioned in the website are run by the Vidyapeeth’s own autonomous training programme. Legality, Validity, Utility of the Constitution of India and law of the land under Article 19(1) G, 29 & 30..

Who We Are?

  • An ISO9001:2008 And ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organization From ABAS, USA
  • Autonomous Organization running successfully
  • Which is run by Under the Indian Trusts Act 1882 Government of India
  • Registered With Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises(M.S.M.E) Government of India
  • Registered Trade Mark From Government of India
  • Ministry of HRD (CR) Government of India
  • Applied for Certificate Under CRP Act 1957(MHRD) Department Of Higher Education, Ministry of HRD Under CR, Government of India
  • An Autonomous Body According to NEP 1986 Government of India & Other Government of India Notifications Organization of all Deeps in the India & Abroad
  • An Autonomous Body According to NEP 1986 & Education Act Government of India Applied for Certificate Under CRP Act 1957(MHRD) Department of Higher Education Government of India
  • The Issued Certificates of Organizations are accepted by Ministry of External Affairs of MHRD Government of India
  • The Issued Certificates of Organizations are accepted by Home Department Government of Maharashtra, Mantralaya, Mumbai

Legal Notice

It has been constituted to regulate non formal education and other vocational courses (Under Self Employment Education Scheme) in India. With the help of educational experts to educate UN educated boys, girls, men and women to upliftment the literacy in India. So that they can serve society effectively and with dignity Board may impart education with international techniques and with stress on morally, mentally, physically and socially personality.

Ours is an autonomous body and all educational Vidyapeeth’s boards / universities are autonomous bodies. Each educational organization having discretionary powers According these powers every board / university / state Govts. / Central Govt. of India having the liberty and right to take own decision either to allow or refuse any admission / service. But we do our best to make success the non formal education programme. All the education programme run by the Vidyapeeth own autonomous education programme. Legality, Validity, Utility of the education programme is strict conformity with the constitution of India and law of the land under Article 19(1) G, 29 & 30.


Amdus Vidyapeeth Open and Distance and Regular Learning are not in receipt of any grant-in-aid either from the Government or from the UGC, so far. There for NCTE, AICTE, UGC. PCI, BCI, COA, INC, ICAR, Act is not applicable to Amdus Vidyapeeth

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